You touched so brief a fragment of time

My name is Masha Zurikova. I'm a painter based in Riga, Latvia. Let me show you my vision of the natural beauty. Each painting again and again tells a poem about how short is the moment of beauty in our world full of madness. I agree that true beauty is momentary as life of a butterfly which according to Brodsky is the thought of things while we are things themselves.
I am convinced, that beauty is everywhere. The most important thing is to be able to find inspiration in any ordinary event.
If you want to check my work, please visit my portfolio: .
Any enquiry please send me an email: zurikova[at]

Big city lights / oil on canvas, 40x40 cm, 2012

Lielpilsētas gaismas / eļļa, audekls, 40x40 cm, 2012.g.

Огни большого города / масло, холст, 40x40 см. 2012 г.

by Masha Zurikova

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